Primarily a portrait painter, Donovan works mainly in oils. Over the years he has developed a personal style with inspiration from great artists like Gauguin, Klimt, Sargent and many others.

Donovan works mostly from photographs of the sitter as the process of painting a portrait is long and time-consuming and he prefers to capture a moment in time, rather than a series of emotions. Where possible he prefers to take the photograph himself and get to know more about the sitter in a brief interview, which can be conducted at his home studio or nearby, if mutually convenient. If you are unable to visit Donovan then a brief telephone conversation or Skype meeting would enable him to ask questions about the painting’s composition and your requirements. If providing your own photographs for use they should be well lit, uncluttered and high resolution.

Donovan does not always use initial sketching for his work but prefers to dive right in and let the oil paints transform the work into a living, breathing likeness of the subject.

Prices being at £1,000 and increase depending on the size of the canvas and number of sitters per portrait.  If you would like to commission a portrait please use the contact form to begin the process.